8th June 2018

Helen O’Grady Pune presents Horizons Beyond Academics

Together we shall spotlight how drama builds better lives!

We at Helen O’Grady believe that drama not only helps in exploring your creativity but also provides an ideal balance in students’ patterns of study. This year, we want to share with you the role of drama and present to you Horizons Beyond Academics. This initiative brings together our Helen O’Grady family, our teacher, students, parents under one roof to understand the core of how drama changes lives. It enables them to venture into themselves and discover their full potential.

Get ready to enter the world of Drama with our Key speakers Arpita Mittal and Duncan Rice who'll be sharing their expertise with us!

Watch the clips below to see our west bengal territory manager and founder of Drama Africa Duncan Rice all pumped up to share his experiences and teaching with us!

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Date: 9th June 2018

Venue: The E-Square Hotel, Pune

Entry by Invitation only, Contact: +91-8087011488

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