Over the course of a decade, Helen O’Grady Drama Academy has developed an excellent reputation in India. We’ve handpicked and featured some of the feedback we received from thousands of parents and students.

"Helen O’Grady, first of all for my own son, more improvement in him was in terms of increase in his vocabulary as compared to other Senior Kg kids, he definitely has more expressions and creativity through group activities, whereas when I implemented Helen O'Grady as an after-school programme at my school, children are always excited and looking forward to attend HOGI class. In class they do every activity very enthusiastically especially Mime to music."

Shraddha Varhadi, Kinder Castle Preschool , Vashi

"Free of stage fear, increased communication skills is what we witness. HO'G team had great team work, planning, organising and coordinating the play."

Parent of Sarvajith Raagav- Grade 3

"Helen O'Grady is a good step to improve communication skills and self confidence"

Parent of Tania Antony- Grade 4

"HO'G Drama class has been an encouraging programme which brings out students’ talents. It also deals with stage fear and improves their communication"

Parent of V. Sharvesh- Grade 5

"Students’ performance was fantastic. There was a good improvement in their expressions and language."

Parent of S.H.J. Viswak – Grade 7

"Helen O'Grady is an excellent programme. It gives equal importance to all the students. We enjoy participating in HO'G classes."

Shreya.V- Grade 5

"Helen O'Grady class is an excellent extracurricular activity which develops our skills."

Nikhil Pratap- Grade 3

"HO'G is a good opportunity for us to excel as an individual."

Madhumitha- Grade 4

"HO'G classes are best ever sessions we will have in the school."

Shrinithi S.D.G. – Grade 6

"The Helen O’Grady speech and drama classes have been the best investment I have made for my son Arya’s future. It's not as if Arya was interested in theatre. He was a very shy and introverted child and we want him to come out and be very expressive about everything. This programme has succeeded in bringing out Arya’s feelings by allowing him to articulate through the medium of theatre. It has allowed him to think on the spot, improvise on the spot, scream, shout, and laugh and cry depending upon the situation. When someone does this consistently, it liberates him from inhibitions and that’s the transformation that has come over Arya. He now finds public speaking interesting and is [participating in debates at school and winning prizes

Mother of Arya, (STD XI)

"I feel very proud that my daughter is not having any stage fear while speaking. Her pronunciation has improved a lot. I can see the difference in the voice modulation in her second year itself. Really Helen O’Grady International is very useful to my daughter. Thank you so much."

Mother of Dharshana, (Std IV)

"Akshitha has developed good self-confidence since attending the classes. She has got more knowledge and exposure to various subjects. More confidence to speak in front of people. We got feedback from her class teacher that she is taking initiative in class and sometimes teach other kids too. She enjoys HO'G classes very much. Thank you so much, Soumya and team"

Nagaraj, Parent of Akshitha (Std II)

"HO'G sessions have helped her to improve her communication skills. She now speaks with a lot of confidence and assertiveness, and is able to express her thoughts better. Thanks a lot."

Mona, Parent of Anoushka (Std. V)

"I am very happy with the classes and I feel that Sejal has slowly started coming out of her shell. She is getting more confident, and accepting her looks positively. I know for sure she has enjoyed her classes, the environment you have provided in respect to faculty and her friends there. Thanks for everything."

Sheetal, Parent of Sejal (Std. VI)

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