9th July 2018

The Magic of Performing on stage!

Imagine how empowering it would be for your child to truly feel confident, as they delight their audience with a story. They will be proudly speaking in front of their class, bravely performing on stage, clearly expressing themselves in an interview, or happily making a new friends. This is exactly what happens when they join our EduDrama academy! Performing on stage is as important as any subject in their academic curriculum. Performing play’s a key role in a child’s development. As children prepare for performances, they learn various essential skills required in their day to day life that help them to build a strong foundation for a better future.

Beyond academic preparation, there are many other reasons why students should study performing arts. Here our 5 reason why they should experience the magic of performing on stage:

Provides an outlet for self-expression:

Creative pursuits give children an opportunity to express emotions in a safe and controlled way. Involvement in theater helps students learn to understand multifaceted stories and analyze complex issues within the play. They learn to convey their inner thoughts and emotions to others in a distinctive way. These thinking skills can help your child succeed in school, especially as he or she writes essays or completes projects.

Builds confidence and self-esteem:

Performing in front of an audience help mastering new skills, developing new friendships all help bolster your child’s confidence and self-esteem. This can have a flow on effect to reducing anxiety in kids.

Develops social skills:

Most creative activities require working as a team or some collaboration. This expands children’s skills such as communication, conflict resolution, negotiation and empathy. Through activities such as drama, kids can learn to see things from different perspectives and understand the motivations, feelings and opinions of others.

Improves academic performance:

Creative arts use different parts of the brain which strengthens neural pathways. Reading and playing music has been shown to improve mathematical ability while drama scripts can improve literacy, comprehension and language development. There are also positive links with critical thinking, memory, motivation and attention, which can help in all aspects of a child’s learning.

Provides physical activity:

The physical benefits of dance may be obvious, however other creative arts also involve physical elements. Areas that can be developed include balance, flexibility, coordination, motor skills and muscle control. For example, in drama, actors learn how to use their body for expression.

As participating in more stage performances can positively impact behaviour, self-worth, levels of knowledge and physical activity, it is definitely worth engaging your child in Drama.

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