13th October 2019

All Round Child Development Through Edudrama

Does your living room often get transformed into a make-believe fort, ship, or a train station? Do you find yourself stocking up on various costumes for your kid for one reason or another? Does your child like to be called “Captain” or “Doctor” rather than by their first name?

If the answer is yes to these questions, then you must have a kid who loves drama! And that’s a really, really good thing! Even if your kid is not inclined towards the world of drama, we’re about to persuade you why your child needs to be encouraged to take up drama.

Drama is an art that makes children active in a creative sense. With its never-ending list of stories, drama has qualities, which enables children to develop their aesthetic side. Educational drama in technical terms is an amalgamation of movement, sense, language and communication, thought and feeling.

What’s great about educational drama or EduDrama which Helen O’Grady International specializes in is the fact that it enables the child to get involved in the process, implementation and thought of the act. They get to apply the knowledge they have learned spontaneously. Fun games and make-believe world are an indispensable part of a child’s life because of which children learn about life, the importance of rules, and many other things, through games.

Children get a chance to express themselves more comfortably through drama. In Helen O’Grady’s EduDrama programme we focus a lot on the creative parts of drama which are based on actions, situations, improvisations, animations created by children, based on their original thoughts, creative findings, and knowledge, without being particularly committed to a written text format. Through drama we try to place the learner (children) in the center, by making them active in the learning process, assigning the teacher in the role of a guide and by making sure that all the learning fields (audio, visual) are accounted for equally.

In a broad sense, the quality of learning becomes stronger and healthier from the thorough application of our learning principles. Children are able to think creatively, critically, multi-dimensionally, and freely. In the long term they show great cognitive development.

A few noteworthy benefits for children in Helen O’Grady’s EduDrama programme are:

  • They learn to become more expressive.
  • A platform for children’s creative imagination.
  • Freedom for individual expression and thought.
  • Development of social awareness and cooperative working and learning.
  • It contributes to positive self-perception for children.
  • Development of verbal and non-verbal communication skills.

It is observed by many children and adults alike that drama, increases creativity and imagination, improves the skill of taking decisions, promotes independent though and provides the motivation to discover new things.

As an institution for creativity and fun learning Helen O’Grady always tries to design effective learner-centered programmes, by creating an environment full of stimulants for all senses, and through educators (trained teachers) who extensively focus on the cognitive development process of the child by promoting positive interactions and innovative methods of teaching.

All in all, the Heleno O’Grady programmes are all about letting children have fun, garner empathy towards one another, implement their knowledge, and develop cooperative skills through drama, eventually where active learning is realized. Our mission in a condensed sense is to help children grow up and develop in a healthy way and generate a positive attitude towards learning. Let your child be involved in a healthy family atmosphere coupled with quality education for all age groups.

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