10th December 2018

Every child is unique, let them enjoy the best of it!

Helen O’Grady International’s legacy continues today, with over 1 million students attending dynamic drama classes in 40 countries worldwide. Today, Helen O’ Grady International is the largest EduDrama academy worldwide with a uniquely extensive curriculum, dynamic teachers and easily accessible venues. It is an innovative educational programme with a strong emphasis on the care and development of all its students. Over the years, we have helped in developing essential life skills in individuals & nurtured them to build a strong foundation for themselves. Our lessons provide creative learning and fun activities to lifelong eudaemonic happiness – giving you a sense of purpose, autonomy and growth.

We at Helen O’Grady believe that drama not only helps in exploring your creativity but also provides an ideal balance in students’ patterns of study. Drama is a dynamic practice that acquaints children with a universe of wonder and play.  It is about making, investigating and reacting ourselves and meaningful connections with the world around us. It urges the children to keep addressing, exploring and coaxing out new thoughts and methods for living and thinking.

Confidence comes in knowing and accepting who we are. Drama helps with this! It helps them inspire to imagine the impossible. Drama has a positive influence in our life and helps develop a healthy appreciation of culture and the arts.  It is fun and makes learning both enjoyable and memorable for kids.

Drama should be an essential part of your children’s lives. It helps develop essential life skills & have a positive approach to life. It enables them to venture into themselves and discover their full potential. Get your children ready for a getaway of outstanding creative activities and fun learning!

Be part of the world’s largest speech & drama programme to inculcate skills required in this viable world.  Register today with Helen O’Grady International – India!

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