12th July 2019

EduDrama – An all-round development programme for children

Drama is the representation of fiction in performance. Edudrama is the incorporation of drama in education. Education with just theoretical lessons is not the optimal way to teach children in today’s day and age. Practical learning is the way forward and EduDrama is a great medium to do so. Helen O’Grady International’s EduDrama programme is specifically designed to enhance a child’s holistic development. The programme makes your child active and also develops the fundamental life skills that are essential in the early years of a child.

EduDrama helps develop essential life skills such as:


Helping develop confidence at an early stage helps children recognize their own strengths and weaknesses. Helen O’Grady’s Speech and Drama programme provides children with a friendly and positive environment to express themselves freely and become more outspoken.

Public Speaking 

Shyness is a common attribute amongst young children due to the fear of what others around them would think about their behaviour or thoughts. Due to the receptive atmosphere of the Helen O’Grady classes, children get the freedom to express themselves, make mistakes and eventually learn to speak in front of an audience without any fear.

Team Building 

When children step out in the real world, it is important to know how to work in a team. Our EduDrama programme helps develop this skill through various in-class activities. These activities give them a chance to come together, learn how to co-operate with different individuals and work towards a common goal.


Having a positive attitude in life is very essential. Imparting this attitude in young minds is an even more important aspect. Optimism goes beyond seeing the brighter side of life and Drama has been scientifically proven to increase optimism in people. Optimism helps children face the setbacks of life and finds solutions to it rather than staying low and mourning about it.


Creativity is the aspect of human life that sets a mind to think outside the box, find hidden things and also responsible for human progress. Students of Helen O’Grady develop creativity when they are given the freedom to speak their minds and their minds are heard and appreciated.

At Helen O’Grady International, we ensure that all the above life skills are developed with a lot of enthusiasm through the medium of Speech and Drama classes. We have batches all across Mumbai and India. What better extracurricular activity could you choose for your child which gives them an all-round personality development? It is learning and fun at the same time! 

So what are you waiting for? Come and join the Helen O’Grady family and see your child’s personality grow.

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