29th February 2020

Importance of EduDrama for children

Drama and theatre have always been influential factors in many people's lives. Through the implementation of our EduDrama in a child’s life their innate creativity can flourish, academics can improve, and means of self-expression which are essential in the long run can be developed. We feel it is mandatory for children to get drama classes because when a student participates, they benefit significantly, not only in terms of exploring the unexplored or their hidden ability to act but also getting rid of stage fright that many children possess today. Drama can be influential in all aspects of life. Active participation in our EduDrama classes can stimulate a student's innate creativity and thought process. The whole experience of drama makes children more aware and sensitive to a variety of issues. It empowers children who are struggling with self-esteem and makes them do away with their reservations.

With every class we conduct, the curriculum is designed in such a way that it propagates an idea of pushing children away from their comfort zones and to help them showcase their creativity. In a broad sense, theatre makes children form a connection with people. There are many instances where both children and parents alike experience the benefits of this programme in a very short span of time. Children get to discover their flair for acting and we ensure the fact that they get numerous occasions to showcase their acting skills. Our programme takes a deep dive into the world of drama where children not only learn the nuances of acting from seasoned instructors but we also implement them in practice through intuitive and interactive activities. Our end goal with this programme is to make children realize and provide the determination and self-belief that children can do anything they wish. 

Contrary to popular opinion, performing on stage doesn't always mean that you need to be vocal and heard. Conveying a message to the audience and communicating with them without actually talking is something that is worth learning and we focus a lot on it during our programme. It's a common notion that only articulation and vocal projection are of utmost importance during a performance however, we believe using body language is as important for a performer. 

Numerous aspects of our EduDrama programme are sensory and tactile. All our classes involve the development of flexibility and the ability to use the entire body to communicate a role. The drama also develops numerous social skills. If children have any differences between them, they express their differences and opinions in the calmest and composed manner. More often than not, children get to learn from one another, which is hardly the case in conventional classroom learning. When it comes to a performance of a play, we make children practice a multitude of things like; how to synchronize and compliment others in a play and how to time your dialogue delivery so that it has the desired effect on the audience.

Backed with active participation in our classes, children are more open to share their ideas and showcase their creativity in whatever aspect possible.

Our EduDrama programme opens children up in so many different ways while breaking barriers and inhibitions children and parents might have. All our classes teach children teamwork. The various activities like group improvisations make children more confident and expressive when we create a comfortable and safe learning environment for them. Through drama, children are gaining an understanding of themselves and others. With a unique blend of team activities, we try to show children how important is it to have trust within your team if you want to be a high performing team. 

All in all, our EduDrama programme teaches children to put themselves in other’s shoes and empathize with them. This particular aspect is very crucial in the sense that if one can’t really get into the character he is showcasing, then he won't be able to do justice to that performance. For one to be successful in life adaptability and flexibility are of utmost importance. We want our students to explore more, face new challenges, and have the ability to adapt and respond to changing situations so that they have the resolve to overcome any difficulty they might face in the future. 

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