9th August 2019

EduDrama - An Important Aspect In Children’s Lives

EduDrama is the incorporation of Education with Drama ie. core learning through the means of Drama. Drama is an activity that can change the entire charisma of a child. Children become more confident, stage-ready, outspoken, and start thinking more about things that intrigue them.

EduDrama is an evolving term to which people are getting more and more acquainted. Parents are looking for programmes which not only inculcate a new skill in their child but also keep them engaged and bring growth in their personality. EduDrama is the best form of extracurricular help you can provide to your child. At Helen O’Grady International - India, we ensure to give a child the best we can at their age according to their needs. We have specially designed programmes for each age group that is sure to give them a personality boost. 

Kindy Drama (3 to 5 years)

This is the age where children start learning the essentials of life. We guide the children to build confidence and to interact with people around them through the means of story-telling, improvisation, dance, and more. At this age, children learn while they play and need their freedom and time to learn things which is why our Kindy Drama programme is best for this age group.

Lower Primary (5 to 8 years)

Young children struggle with speech-related problems and come across problems like making new friends at this age. We help by giving them opportunities to clear their speech, ask questions and seek answers and to share information with others. In this process, they get habituated to blending in and becoming friends with their fellow classmates. Kids become more open to learning and being enthusiastic while performing drama.

Upper Primary (9 to 12 years)

At the onset of the pre-teen years, children struggle at being confident, speaking in public or expressing themselves. We give their confidence a boost through activities including speech, dramatic movement, improvisation skills, and more. Through these activities, students gradually learn to be more confident and speak in public.

This confidence makes them future-ready and to be able to take on bigger responsibilities.

Youth Theatre (13 to 18 years)

Our youth programme is the best for young adults looking to forward their careers in theatre, film, radio, or television. This programme gives their confidence a boost. Skills like instant improvisation, voice modulation, character analysis, radio play, and a lot more are worked upon.

Youth Theatre - Advanced (18+)

Our programme for adults highlights the three P’s ie. Presentation, Public Speaking and Performance Skills. These are the skills that help you when you step out in the real world. Since it is a theatre-based programme, they learning spontaneous thinking and improvisation and also advanced acting for film, theatre and television. 

At the end of every year, the students of each programme get the opportunity to perform in annual production. It gives them a platform to showcase their talent and the skills that they learn throughout the year. It helps them remove their stage fear and perform freely. 

Feel the need for your kid to learn the above skills and be more confident? Want to see them perform in a big theatre in front of hundreds of people cheering them? Be a part of our EduDrama Programme and notice the changes in your child’s personality today! Encourage and appreciate them for their efforts.

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