9th June 2020

It gives us immense fulfillment of watching our students enjoy as well as learn with us

Our Online Drama Jam is a 7-Day developmental speech & drama camp that helps your child develop essential 21st-century skills like self-confidence, public speaking, communication skills, etc. Each session of our summer camp includes three segments - Structured Speech Segment, Movement Segment, & fun interactive activities sessions. These segments have ensured effective fun learning and bring out your child’s creative side.

We have had 8 DRAMA JAM's back to back with more than 1200 students enrolled with us. Here’s what our parents of enrolled students had to say:

  1. I agree with this completely. Yesterday was a very emotional day, on one hand, my husband lost his job & on second hand we saw our daughter blooming, trust me, I joined Helen O’ Grady because somehow I was realizing that my child is not living to the fullest. She is an extrovert child who is full to dhamal but now she is becoming introvert. She is bullied several times in a school due to which she avoids communication. She interacts with very few people. She used to love to take part in everything but school kids have put it in her brain that she is not good enough & can never be. She told me about these things going on, I took a stand for my child but then Every time something negative happens she would run up to me. I realized that now she is becoming introverted so I started teaching my child to be strong & to take stand for herself &  she needs to speak & express herself. You have to learn to protect your self-worth. We are always there but you need to speak for yourself. Due to this lockdown schools have started online that was the time when I realized, .she has completely become introvert. She would take stand for herself but at the same time, she kept all those harsh words in her mind. Despite her classmate’s arent there she doesn't want to ask or answer any question. "Bas bethai Raho type" She does not take interest in anything & if she does then gets fed- up also very quickly. Yesterday, looking at her perform & her restless when the net would go down, she would jump & cry,  that it’s my time to perform & want to say -  Her enthusiasm towards drama made me soo happy. Despite her turn was over & she couldn't join *Joanna miss* allowed her to say her lines *"Seriously I m telling you that boosted her confidence to a different level only* I wanted to develop my daughter speech & you guys just nailed it. Hearing her voice modulation was like a wow factor. As long as expression & acting is concerned I'm sure in our next session you will develop that too. She is so excited to join you back again on 18 May. *Your session was loved, enjoyed & admired by the whole family* Thank you once again Joanna mam for going extra mile &  Nishant sir for nonstop boosting to all the kids -  Mansi Samant, Parent ( Ryan International School Student).
  2. " Thank you so much teachers for making our kids feel so special and giving each child equal importance at the same time making sure they enjoy every session. We truly understand how difficult it is to get kids to pay attention especially when the teacher is not physically present but all of you have made it possible with ease. Thank you once again and looking forward to your upcoming sessions. Take care." - Gladys Samson PARENT- LOWER PRIMARY ONLINE CLASSES (St. Stanislaus High School)
  3. "Thank you team for the great session you've conducted. It surely is challenging to manage multiple aspects virtually. Thank you for being accommodative, accepting, and working on feedback and for creative engagement. Best wishes to the team." - PARENT - LOWER PRIMARY ONLINE CLASSES
  4. "I would like to thank the Helen o Grady team. You had very innovative things to encourage our kids and Liana did have a nice time n enjoyed every bit of it. Thank you once again" - PARENT - UPPER PRIMARY ONLINE CLASSES
  5. "Thank you so much all the Mam and sir. It was a very good experience for Diyaan and he started to speak his thoughts and sharing his opinion also just because of your efforts" - Hitesh Parekh, PARENT - UPPER PRIMARY ONLINE CLASSES (Thakur Public School)
  6. "Thank you so much all the Teachers. It was an amazing Sessions full of joy, though my girl is shy at the same time, I noticed her confidence is grooming just because of you guys so thanks for your all efforts. I hope many more exciting sessions to come. Thanks, and regards" - PARENT - UPPER PRIMARY ONLINE CLASSES
  7. "Anusha enjoyed her drama classes very much. She loved the way teachers appreciate each and every child and motivate them to improve further. It was a really fulfilling week for her. She is going to cherish throughout her life. Thanks to all the teachers who were part of these activities." - Preeti Mehrotra, PARENT - UPPER PRIMARY ONLINE CLASSES (Billabong High International School)
  8. "Thank you so many teachers. Ved enjoyed himself thoroughly. Apart from the fun, he longed to create something new and original. The credit goes to you all, thanks a ton πŸ™πŸΌ" - Bilwa Dhayagude, PARENT - UPPER PRIMARY ONLINE CLASSES (Holy Family High School)
  9. "Dear Teachers, Thank you for taking all the efforts in getting the children involved. I could see that there were difficulties, technical challenges, but still, you guys pulled up a great show. Jayden enjoyed every session." Vijay Michael - PARENT - LOWER PRIMARY (Bombay Scottish School)
  10. "Thank you so much teachers for taking so much effort really appreciated each class with all the creativity n ideas keeping the kids engaged thoroughly. I’m sure Medha has learned & enjoyed many drama skills." Anuradha Banta - PARENT - LOWER PRIMARY (Bombay Scottish School, Powai)
  11. “Thank you very much teachers for all your efforts. It has been a wonderful experience for Aidan and we were very glad to see all the amazing things he has learned.” - Vivet Dcost, PARENT - LOWER PRIMARY (Bombay Scottish School)
  12. “I appreciate all the efforts taken by both the teachers. Thank you very much. It was very interactive. Never thought that dramatics could be taught online, however,  the efforts were amazing.” - PARENT - LOWER PRIMARY
  13. “Kids are engaged well with lovely activities and assignments. It is an energized fun-filled learning and creative session for them for sure!!!! My kiddo is really enjoying and feeling her creativity so thanks so much for all the efforts by the coaches teachers and the innovation that keeps them energized!!! Drama surely rocks with teachers like Urvi ma’am, you really motivate and keep pushing kids to do their best. Your patience and alertness with the kids are amazing!!! Thank you Jill teacher and Urvi teacher for teaching them so beautifully!!!!😍😍”  - Nandani Mehra, PARENT - LOWER PRIMARY (Bombay Scottish School, Powai)
  14. “Thank you, Teachers, it was a wonderful experience for Chloe She was happy to practice all the assignments and looked forward to her classes. She has improved her awareness of her surroundings. Thank you once again for all the hard work you all have put in.” - Kern, PARENT - LOWER PRIMARY (Dr. Pillai Global Academy)
  15. “Dear ma'am, Your positivity and encouragement are reflecting on my son. He wants to express his views and wants to share his ideas with others. Thanks a lot for encouraging him.”  - PARENT - UPPER PRIMARY
  16. “Dear ma'am and sir, It was a fantastic experience for Shamantmika. She thoroughly enjoyed the sessions and also learned important tips on public speaking & storytelling. Thanks a lot to the teachers to get this talent out of her. Recording the sessions and coordinating the same on Zoom is no small task and results applaud the patience of the teachers. Eagerly waiting to see the final video. Thank you againπŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘.”  - Vandana Gadre, PARENT - UPPER PRIMARY

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