9th October 2018

The Battle of the Bard – Shakespeare Slam!

Helen O’Grady International’s legacy continues with over 1 million students attending dynamic drama classes in 40 countries worldwide and 80+ Franchisees PAN India. Today, Helen O’Grady International is the largest worldwide academy of its kind; with a uniquely extensive curriculum, dynamic teachers and easily accessible venues. It is an innovative educational programme with a strong emphasis on the care and development of all its students. Our programme has a uniquely extensive curriculum, dynamic teachers and easily accessible venues. This programme is delivered in in-school and after-school innovative classes.

This year, we are delighted to announce the launch of our Shakespeare play competition called the SHAKESPEARE SLAM in the city of Mumbai. The Shakespeare Slam’s aim is to make the works of William Shakespeare accessible to all through performance. This light-hearted competition will also improve the standards of performance each year through the feedback of eminent adjudicators. The Shakespeare Slam is, more than anything, an ensemble program among the members of a school’s team and, subsequently, between the many schools’ teams participating across the entire region. Together, students have the opportunity to dive deep into a shared text—and do so through an infinite number of lenses crafted out of students’ own imaginations!

Schools across India are participating in this competition devised for school students. Each school prepares a 35-minute abridged version of a Shakespeare play, using the original text. This abridged text will be provided by Helen O’ Grady International. The school can choose one script out of the list offered by Helen O’ Grady International. The students themselves should complete all the direction, rehearsals and acting. A Director’s & Cast workshop will be conducted by Helen O’ Grady within ten days of registration by the school. This is a generic workshop to apprise the students with the rules of the festival; drama specifics and Shakespeare specifics.

Closing date for registration: 25th October 2018
Director’s & Cast workshop: Within a week of registration
Theatre venue: Royal Opera House, Mumbai
Date of performance: 10th January 2018
Eligible age group: 13 years and above

Shakespeare Slam is set to become one of the most exciting events on every school’s calendar in Mumbai. Contact us at 9930540172 for further details

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