27th June 2020

Unlock a new learning experience for your child!

With the pandemic still continuing to keep us indoors and locked into our homes; Our ONLINE DRAMA JAM continues to enhance children’s developmental skills from the comfort of their home. Our online classes are an innovative and dynamic alternative to our physical classes. Students learn at their own pace, have fun and improve their essential skills as well.  This online 7-Day camp has a dynamic Speech & Drama curriculum curated by expert teachers that includes three segments necessary for your child’s development.

  • The Structured Speech Segment, which focuses on voice modulation, projection, pace, and recitation.
  • The Movement Segment, which focuses on body, space, weight, and time awareness.
  • Activities like Verbal Dynamics, Mini Scripts, and other theatre games, which help students to think out of the box and generate creativity.

Our ONLINE DRAMA JAM has various other benefits like:

  1. Expert teachers from around India giving one on one attention to each child.
  2. It’s a safe and secure environment for your child.
  3. Fun activities and video assignments.
  4. Videos can be accessed easily on a cell phone.
  5. Age-wise morning and evening sessions.
  6. Parents of younger children can be part of the learning process.
  7. User is friendly for the parent as well as students.
  8. Connect with students from all over India and form new friendships.
  9. Lots of opportunities for feedback.
  10. Keeps your child engaged creatively and nurtures their skillset from the comfort of your home.

We have had 10 DRAMA JAM's back to back with nearly 1200 students enrolled with us from all over the country. Let this new normal be more productive and effective for your kids. Let them learn to express, communicate better, and experience the magic of our Virtual Developmental Drama  Programme.

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